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Development Failures, Hidden Conflicts

Please use this form to register for the joint CTPSR-CDS seminar on 21 April 2021, 12:30–14:00


What is the relationship between conflict and development? Most analyses examine the impact of conflict on development, and there is some consensus that negative peace (the absence of war) is a requisite for socio-economic development. But what is the impact of development on conflict? Is there a structural tendency for development studies to downplay the complex processes by which actions with positive development intentions contribute to conflict? We posit that actions and inactions, along with development failures,  can lead to violence and conflict, and that such questions can be explored in multiple ways at various levels. In this seminar, we commence by examining instances of relative development failure and the processes by which they create and amplify conflicts, ones which at times remain hidden from global view. We do so with reference to examples from Central African Republic, Nigeria and Haiti. One motivation for this event is to explore whether there is interest in a new Development Studies Association study group on Development and Conflict.

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