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Experimental Publishing III - Critique, Intervention, And Speculation

A half-day symposium with talks by Cristina Carriga (My Bookcase) and Aymeric Mansoux (Piet Zwart Institute)

2:30-5:30pm October 21

Centre for Postdigital Cultures
The DigiLab
William Morris Building
Coventry University

This is the third in a series of symposia hosted by the Centre for Postdigital Cultures (CPC) exploring contemporary approaches to experimental publishing. Over the course of the series, we will ask questions about the role and nature of experimentation in publishing, about ways in which experimental publishing has been formulated and performed in the past, and ways in which it shapes our publishing imaginaries at present. This series aims to conceptualise and map what experimental publishing is or can be and to explore what lies behind our aims and motivations to experiment through publishing. As such, it forms the first activity within the CPC’s new Post-Publishing programme, an initiative committed to exploring iterative and processual forms of publishing and their role in reconceptualising publishing as an integral part of the research and writing process, i.e. as that which inherently shapes it.

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