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Thank you for your interest in the Life on the Breadline research CPD for UK policymakers online workshops.

The workshops will take place on 8th and 11th June 2021 on Zoom.  The workshop on 8th June will have a national UK focus, and the workshop on 11th June will have a regional focus based on the Life on the Breadline case studies (Birmingham, London, and Manchester).

Led by Life on the Breadline researchers Dr Chris Shannahan and Dr Stephanie Denning, the free two hour workshops will address four objectives:

  1. To enhance understanding of the complexity of poverty in the UK.
  2. To develop a greater understanding of the range of Christian responses to poverty in the UK.
  3. To develop a greater understanding of the impact that Christians have on responding to poverty in the UK.
  4. To identify how Christians’ responses to poverty can be supported, in order to make them more effective.

All details collected in this form will be stored securely.  If you have any questions please contact Stephanie Denning at, or the project lead Chris Shannahan at

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