Page 1: Come and be inspired by - amongst others - former Canadian Prime Minister Kim Campbell, Archbishop Justin Welby, Lord Peter Ricketts, Neville and Christine Staple, Sabir Zazai, Laura Cleary, Roger Darby, David Gergen, Kenneth Gergen, Andy Street, Hyppolite Ntiguriwa, Alphonsine Kwabagabo, Silas Lwakabamba, Colum Eastwood, Chris Hazzard, Sasha Havlicek, Tufyal Choudhury, Ahmet Erdi Ozturk, Greta Rios, Ake Achi, Peter Barnett, Tom Dixon, Last MaFuba, Sinead Ouillon, Alyson Kilpatrick, Matt Qvortrup, Anne Petters, Mike Tooby, Guliz Vural, Catherine Flood and Gita Sahgal

Thank you for your interest in attending part or all of 2021 RISING Global Peace Forum on 10th-12th November 2021. The theme of this year's Forum is 'Leadership for Peace'.

This includes the Lord Mayor's Peace Lecture on Thursday 11th November which starts at 7pm for which, if you wish to attend only this element, please indicate separately at Question 5 on Page 3 below.  

All registration information will be treated in the strictest confidence. Our Data Protection statement is here 

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