Page 1: Seminar - Lecture Performance ‘Liberate the Sciences’

13th December 2018 




Barbara Van Dyck is a food activist from Belgium and a Marie Curie postdoctoral fellow at the University of Sussex (UK). She works on science in society questions with a particular interest in the political ecologies of agriculture and food. In her ongoing work (‘Healing from Enclosure: A Political Agroecology of agri-food knowledges in Belgium’), she examines and addresses the relationships that exist between agri-food systems and the messy politics that influences the production, circulation and use of agri-food knowledges. She does this by examining the interconnections of agricultural research and development with dominant economic and political interests; and, through investigating the historical organisation of modern sciences in disciplinary silos. Being trained, and critical towards her education as an engineer in the life sciences, she is particularly curious about research methods and conversations that go beyond disciplinary and institutional boundaries.


“Liberate the Sciences” is a story of genetically manipulated potatoes, universities and activism. It shows how activists transform scientific devices and seemingly narrow technical questions into deeply political ones. Who is involved in the development of genetically modified potatoes? What world views are implied in these innovations? Whose knowledge counts? And how to make space for valuing different voices, knowledges and experiences in shaping the future of food and agriculture?

The lecture performance starts from a personal experience and explores through storytelling, movement, video, sounds, theatre and lecturing how research, the environment, politics and economic interests are intimately related. It will be followed by a discussion on action research and shaping research conversations.

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