Page 1: Welcome

Thank you for your interest in running Taste & See at your local church.

Completing the following pages will register your church so that you can invite partcipants to sign up to the trial programme.

Once you have entered in the email addresses of all your participants, they will be sent a personal email inviting them to take part and a link for them to complete their 'starting survey'.

Once all your participants have completed their 'starting survey' we will randomly allocate your church group to either beginning your programme now, called the 'Start Now' category, or to beginning your programme in three month's time, called the 'Start Soon' category. You will recieve this notification by email and you will need to notify your participants.

Random allocation means that allocation will be decided by chance, like flipping a coin, so churches cannot choose whether they begin the programme now or later. Your participants must be prepared to wait a little while, in case they are allocated to the Start Soon category.

It is important we have both a Start Now and Start Soon category, so that we can compare the results of those who are engaged in the programme with a control group of those who are waiting to engage with the programme. This way we will know how much of the change that occurs is really a result of the programme and not just something that would have happened anyway. 

If you are allocated to begin your programme straight away we will immediately send you the programme materials, if you are allocated to begin your programme in three month's time we will send you the materials in three months. For the purpose of this project, all materials are being provided free of charge, they include 1 DVD pack, 1 or 2 facilitator manuals, a participant manual and a daily meditations booklet for each of your participants.

Please answer the following questions and then click 'next' to move to the next page.

This part of the survey uses a table of questions, 

I have obtained permission from my church leaders to take part in this programme AND have emailed written evidence of this to (such as an email or signed letter from the church leader which says they give permission for this research programme to run in their church).
I have explained to those participating that the church will be randomly allocated i.e. allocated by chance, like the flip of a coin, to run this programme now or in 10 weeks time.
I have gained permission to enter my participants' contact details into this website so they can be signed up to the programme.
I have read the 'Instructions For Facilitators' on the link below and agree to abide by them.